The Mountain and The Monsoon’s Messenger

Few breaths away from final breath
I was about to rest in peace
In a land ruled by dread of death
Suddenly Dropped,Rain's first kiss...

Penetrating my skin of stone
She entered the raunchy realm of rock
The deadly dare of a drop alone -
Was enough to shake and shock …

What made her did this? Who knows why?
Suicide like this is but a crime
Where I was left to dry and die
Sucked, slumped, she could be anytime

But determined she kept crawling
Crossed every cavity and hole
With fainting eyes I kept looking
She was so sworn to save my soul

With her, back they started to come
Dreams and hope that were lost and thrown
I never wanted to become
Another lifeless stack of stone

Defeating all the hurdles She
Infused inside the heart of hill
She gifted my life back to me
She felt my joy, I felt her thrill

Thirsty for thirty thousand years
Couldn't believe she'd really come
Never before my eye knew tears...
She spoke to me, so soft, so calm

"Despair not, O Old Mountain!
Hear the message I've come to say -
Here comes The Army of The Rain
Monsoon is also on her way......"

- Suman Barick

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