The Girl Beside The River

Susan took me with her
Where the sky, its color changes
In her hut near the river
Where she offered fresh oranges

And her room had no furniture
We sat on dry mud ground
Her room was full of moisture
With a peaceful river sound

She herself was peaceful
Listless happy and crazy
The breeze was blowing cool
And the horizon was hazy

Like the whole world ceased existing
Except this little landscape
Then the air started teasing
Making flutter what she draped

She sat still staring at river
Her face reflecting indifference
Eyes were flying afar
(In) A world free of fence and offense

And then she moved on closer
With her hand touching mine
In her eyes smiled a teaser
I felt a shiver down my spine

Laughing she jumped off floor
Running towards the bay
Perplexed, I stood at door
Knowing not should I go or stay

She laid on wet sand surface
Kept bathing in the sun set
And the nature and her oneness
Told that we are nature's subset

In the sky she spread her voice
Singing a hymn to the endless
It left me with no choice
And defense was all but pointless

And the sun himself was singing
Praising her joy and beauty
He will dream until the morning
The dalliance of this deity....

                        - Suman Barick

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