The "Ex" Virus

You’re affecting like a virus
Running all over my system
My mind is getting nervous
Finding no escape from this flame
I wonder how good it was
My first childish romance
I’m now running out of purpose
I’ve to throw you far a distance
To stop your interference
N the feeling of your presence
In all over my breathing
I still sense your essence…

No no, gotta go, yo yo
With my life, n flow
You can’t reach me
Ye ye, wanna stay,
So far away…
Even your dreams can no way
Touch me…
Can you hear me?

Now tell me
Do you feel sorry?
Or even ever worry?
Thinking about me?
But I truly loved you
N so jam is my memory
With all that false love story
Why can’t I forget you?

Now I’m no longer protected
My antivirus is outdated
জলাঞ্জলী পুরো protection
In the dark lake of depression …

                         - Suman Barick

-------- x --------

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